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Mozi The Night

“What hath night to do with sleep?”

John Milton

When the sun takes its daily dive below the horizon and delivers night-time to your doorstep, there’s no rule saying you have to stay in for the evening. If you’re looking to extend your daily window of time for getting outdoors, here’s some inspiration and information to get you started on your after-dark adventures:

  • It’s beautiful: Gazing up at the Milky Way Galaxy, watching a meteor streak across the sky or finding your way by the light of a full moon can be a trans-formative experience.

  • Relief from the heat: If you live in a hot locale, scorching summertime temperatures can be uncomfortable (or even unbearable) during the day and hiking at night can bring relief.

  • Connecting with the environment: By hiking at night you’re deliberately reducing your ability to use your vision to navigate. This gets you to focus on your other senses, especially your hearing, which can put you more in tune with the environment around you, especially wildlife.

Why Hike at Night

  • A different perspective of the scenery, relief from summertime heat and a deep connection with the outdoors are three good reasons to hit the trail when it’s dark.

 National Geographic contributor James Vlahos says of cresting a mountain at night,

"The stars and planets are close overhead; a savagely beautiful and uninhabited world lies below ... I feel less a hiker than an astronaut."

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